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What is Didactor?

Didactor is a web-based authoring tool for teachers to create their own electronic educational content, without any programming skills whatsoever. They can concentrate on what they know best - creating flexible, student-centered and motivating learning environments for their students within a digital framework. The world of education is fast moving towards a completely digital future, but there is no need to worry. Creating, modifying and distributing Didactor tasks and games is easier than making traditional exercises on paper, yet it can do so much more than paper. A task or game can contain all kinds of media — sound, graphics or video-clips — you decide!

Creating smart and effective e-learning exercises in any subject for any target group is a piece of cake in Didactor. And, not only does Didactor provide the environment for exciting games for your students, it also helps you monitor the individual learning progress and results of your students. Detailed statistics and information on when, for how long and how well every student has done in a particular task or game are only a click away.

Didactor is completely web-based - no installations necessary - and works on all devices with access to the internet.

Try Didactor Open for free or create a demo account on Didactor Premium.