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Welcome to Didactor Store – your online educational bookstore!

Didactor Store sells D-books. A D-book is a digital learning compilation of texts and educational games. They also often include video, sound and images.

In D-store individual teachers and traditional publishers provide learning material that you can use directly in your teaching. If you've created your own material in Didactor, and have the copyright to that material, you can sell it in D-store.

You decide if you want to buy a product for a single student, a group of students, a class or an entire school. The licenses do not have a timeframe. When you hand out a product to a student, they can access it at any time during their years in your school.

Unique about D-books is the possibility for you to alter and edit already bought D-books to tailor them specifically for your students.

Products bought from D-Store are used in Didactor and all your purchases are automatically transferred into your own task library and the teacher who is going to use the product in their teaching is the one that buys the product. The purchases are billed to the school.

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